Security Tips

Premium Matrimony is committed to providing you with a safe & secure platform in which you search and find your partner. We help our users discover the best matches but it is in the interests of a user to use their best judgment to assess another person’s genuineness and interest in marriage.

Despite all we do to make the platform secure, we advise some precautions while using our sites and apps:

If a user appears to have entered false, incorrect information about their education, profession, income, family, etc., mark such profiles as ‘Report Abuse’ and refrain from contacting that user.

If a user asks for personal favors like transportation of goods, a deposit of funds on their behalf, lend them some money, etc., immediately cease any communication with the user and do as advised above.

Be cautious of fake or copy sites that may look similar but are owned by people who may have malicious intent. Many sites have a similar appearance as Premium Matrimony but they are not in any way related or affiliated to Premium Matrimony. Please check the URL of the site (it should be that you are visiting.

Representatives from these fake sites may reach out to you to get a membership fee or for registering your profiles. Exercise caution and alert our customer service if and when this happens.

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